International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
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Can the Inspiration Deep Influence on the Respiratory Variables and Thoracic-Abdominal Asynchrony in Patients with Copd?

Fernanda Dultra Dias, Desidério Cano Porras, Daysi da Cruz Tobelem, Renata P Basso Vanelli, Roberto Stirbulov and Dirceu Costa

Objective: To determinate by the OEP the effects of deep inspiration on physiological variables and thoracic-abdominal asynchrony in patients with COPD, compared with healthy individuals matched for age.

Methods: Ten patients with COPD and 12 healthy individuals were evaluated using OEP during deep inspiration. TAA was estimated using the phase angle in a Lissajous figure for three consecutive and consistent respiratory cycles.

Results: There was significant difference (p<0.01) on the phase angle between the abdominal rib cage (RCa) and the abdomen (AB) in COPD patients compared to the control (-20.7°±26.3° vs -0.3°±8.8°). Greater compartmental contribution to the tidal volume was found in the pulmonary rib cage (RCp) in both the control group (p<0.009) and the COPD group (p<0.003). The degree of obstruction was not correlated with TAA between the different compartments.

Conclusion: During deep inspiration for assincroniatoracoabdominal in patients with COPD in relation to healthy, not sort of adding then to improves the respiratory pattern in this group of patients and the degree of airway obstruction of these patients correlates with the presence ATA.