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Journal of Cell Science & Therapy
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Bronchogenic Cyst; Observation vs. Universal Surgical Resection: A Case and a Mini Review

Hilamber Subba*, Obieze Nwanna C. Nzewunwa, Edmund Sears and Gary Hochhheiser

The foregut cysts are rare developmental anomalies, which can present a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. A universal need for resection is debatable especially in asymptomatic cases. The objective of this study is to describe a case of a 26 years old healthy female with two different non communicating mediastinal congenital cyst (bronchogenic and esophageal) in a single mass mimicking a lung abscess with a protracted treatment course and to do up to date literature review to evaluate the decisive factors in the management of bronchogenic cyst.

Published Date: 2022-01-31; Received Date: 2022-01-03