Biomolecules from Plants as an Adaptogen | Abstract
Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
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Biomolecules from Plants as an Adaptogen

Mandeep Kumar Singh, Garima Jain, Bhrigu Kumar Das and Umesh K Patil

In present scenario, stress is a common problem which affects not only elders, but also to older and youngster. Long term stress can be detrimental and causes various diseases related to CNS, immune system, neuro-endocrine system, liver, blood, learning, memory defeat and irregular sleeping pattern. A combined approach of traditional and modern system i.e., adaptogens help to overcome the stress and stress related problems. Adaptogens are generally the plant-derived biologically active substances that help to increase the body resistance against physical, biological, emotional and environmental stressors in nonspecific manner through maintenance of internal homeostasis. Adaptogenic herbs exhibit neuro-protective, anxiolytic, anti-fatigue, nootropic, anti-depressive, and CNS stimulating activity. Non-specific action of the adaptogenic herbs decreases the targeted phenomenon and efficiency so that more study, research and clinical trials are required to find the targeted action of adaptogens. In recent years, focus has been shifted towards the adaptogens due to its safety, cost effectiveness and efficacy for maintaining and improving the quality of life. The present review focuses on the mechanism of stress induction, its relation with anxiety, depression and immune system. It also highlights the different herbal biomolecules as an adaptogens that are used in either Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM].