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Journal of Applied Pharmacy
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Asia Parveen, Muhammad Sajid Hamid Akash, Kanwal Rehman, Muhammad Tariq, Nureen Zahra, Tahira Iqbal

The aim of the study was to characterize the biodisposition kinetics parameters of Isoniazid after a single oral administration of 150mg tablet Isoniazid. The study was conducted on 6 healthy female volunteers with an average age of 21-22 years and an average body weight of 42-56 kg in the department of chemistry (Biochemistry) university of agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan. Blood samples were collected after predetermined schedule and drug concentration was determined by using spectrophotometric method. The two compartment model kinetic analysis of plasma isoniazid concentration versus time data revealed estimated values of t1/2 , clearance and volume of distribution to be 7.60 ± 3.73h, 4.61± 2.69 1/h and 45.45 ± 22.35L respectively. Moreover, the area under curve (AUC), absorption rate constant (ka) and mean residence time (MRT) were observed to be 38.16± 13.76, 0.76±0.12 and 9.53± 4.21 respectively. In conclusion, the pharmacokinetic parameters observed for isoniazid in current study were found to be significantly different from some of the previously reported literature, suggesting that an adequate and rational dosage regimen of drug requires a disposition study of parameters under specific indigenous environment prior to their administration.