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Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry: Open Access
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Application of the 19F-Waterlogsy Type Experiment for NMR-Based Screening of Fluorinated Compounds

Kazuo Furihata, Hiroaki Utsumi, Toshiyo Kato, Chiseko Sakuma and Mitsuru Tashiro

The WaterLOGSY type experiment with 19F detection was applied to observe the interaction between a fluorinated compound and a macromolecule. The proposed experiment, which was developed based on the 19F{1H} saturation transfer difference experiment, was carried out using the conventional spectrometer equipped with a single high band amplifier and a H/F/C-double tuned probe. The selective 19F detection is advantageous in screening the fluorinated compounds, considering that 19F is a sensitive nucleus in NMR spectroscopy. The effective approach to discriminate binding of the fluorinated compounds to proteins with 19F detection was demonstrated using the complex of diflunisal and human serum albumin.