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Advances in Automobile Engineering
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Aplication of Technology 4-Axis CNC Milling for Manufacturing Artistic Ring

Anggoro PW and Sujatmiko I

This paper describes the efforts of writers to make use of technological artistic CAD-CAM in the manufacture of the products of artistic rings small medium industry. Methods used in this paper is Substractive Prototyping namely manufacture of product master ring wax with the utilization of 4-axis CNC milling technology. Investment casting is used in this paper to form the silver ring with relief. Investment casting process is conducted in a department of Large Hall of Culture and Batik Yogyakarta. Product attributes and the selection of the artistic design of the ring will be made the object of research derived from the brainstorming process is conducted in conjunction with the creative team. The final results of this paper suggest that the method of investment casting and prototyping substractive capable of producing 6 product artistic ring (Helmet Trail Ring,Iron Man Ring,Dart Vader Ring, Sansekerta Ring, Engineer Ring,and Harley Skull Ring) made from wax and silver. Quality product made from wax ring master recognized with greater precision, detail, cheap and accelerating stages of Investment casting compared to master products made from vero white.