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Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
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Antitumoral Efficacy of Two Turmeric Extracts According to Different Extraction Methods in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Lines

Marzia Deserti, Simona Tavolari, Marina Naldi, Giorgio Frega and Giovanni Brandi

Curcuminoids, bioactive molecules contained in turmeric, have been reported to exert anticancer effects in several human cancers, including hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). However, the extraction method can significantly affect the structural characteristics of curcuminoids and their biological properties. On this basis, in the present study we investigated the content of curcuminoids and the anticancer activity of two turmeric powders extracted according two different methodologies: solvent extraction with ethyl acetate vs an ancient Indian extraction method of boiling of rhizomes in water followed by dehydration at the sun. Results obtained showed that extraction with ethyl acetate resulted in a significant recovery of curcuminoids and anticancer activity both in terms of cell cytotoxicity and migration/invasiveness inhibition in HCC cell lines, compared to common Indian practice. Overall these findings suggest that turmeric powders could have different efficacy, depending on the extraction method. This aspect should be taken into account when choosing the best product to be employed in the prevention and treatment of human diseases, including cancer.