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Antitumoral Activity of Multiferon® (HulFN-alpha-Le) in Experimental Murine Melanoma Model

Bruno Blaya, Idoia Ortega-Martínez, Erika Alonso Tejerina, Teresa G Granda and Maria D Boyano

Multiferon® (HuIFN-alpha-Le) (MF) is a natural interferon alpha used in several countries for the treatment of selected viral infections and as an adjuvant treatment in different types of cancer, including melanoma.
We have examined the influence of MF in vitro and in vivo in murine melanoma cells. B16F10 cells were treated with MF at different concentrations ranging from 0 to 1000 IU/mL and this substance had no effect on cell proliferation, migration or clonogenic abilities of the tumoral cells. However, in vivo studies with murine models after subcutaneous implantation of B16F10 cells showed that tumor volumes measured during the experiment and at sacrifice were significantly smaller in mice receiving MF (90 IU/mice 3 times a week) than in the control group (p<0.005). MF was well tolerated and no body weight loss or other sign of toxicity was observed in all groups.
These results indicate that MF is active in vivo in murine experimental melanoma model without showing any direct antimelanoma activity in in vitro assays when used at doses mimicking the serum levels found in clinical practice in humans. We believe that the activation of the immune system following the administration of MF may be one of the mechanisms that explain the anti-tumoral effect of this drug.