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Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Devices
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An Ultrasound Based Eye Tracking System

John D Enderle and David Kaputa

A novel, non-contact ultrasound device is detailed for recording and analyzing 3D fast eye movements (saccades) and smooth pursuit eye movements. Saccades are studied to gain a better understanding of the human oculomotor plant and neuromuscular systems. Abnormal saccades can be indicators of both neurological disorders and mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI). Limitations in existing saccade measurement devices prevent them from being used to measure saccades immediately after a possible MTBI event or easily outside of the clinical environment. The device proposed is portable allowing saccade measurements in the field to immediately assess neurological dysfunction associated with MTBI. Ease of use and portability allow collection of data at times and places not possible with devices currently available. This increased database of saccades will expand our knowledge of the relationship between saccades and the neurological functioning of the brain. The focus of this paper is the development of a finite element model to establish a starting point for such a design.