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Journal of Information Technology & Software Engineering
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An Efficient Methodology for Exploring Valuable Knowledge with New Evaluation for Knowledge Quality

Asmaa M El-Said, Ali I Eldesoky and Hesham A Arafat

The recent trend has been using hybrid approach rather than using a single intelligent technique to solve the problems. Meanwhile in an information technology era, knowledge is always changing, hence the flexibility in approach and in thinking is a must. Since, the on-going conversation about semantic knowledge (much information with many relations) is much more important than coming up with the right answer (information), for that performing some inferences is needed for exploring creative diverse information. Where the knowledge is an appropriate collection of actionable information. So by combining much information with many relations, more novel and useful information are found as knowledge. Since the demand for Business Intelligence (BI) applications continues to grow even at a time when the demand for most Information Technology (IT) products is soft. Business intelligence systems provide actionable information delivered at the right time, at the right location, and in the right form to assist decision makers. This paper introduces an efficient methodology for storing the explored creative information/knowledge with many relations as a graph structure with a new evaluation of the creative information/knowledge quality. That through the implementation of Oriented Directed Acyclic Info Graph (ODAIG) Algorithm to generate the actionable information map. Moreover, Creative Information Quality (CIQ) Algorithm to evaluate the creative information quality. Different experiment done shows that, this methodology has a good promotion on results.