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Journal of Information Technology & Software Engineering
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An Approach towards Efficient Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud

Rajpreet Kaur and Manish Mahajan

In present, Cloud computing is a dominant field in information technology. With the increased rate of data outsourcing over cloud data privacy of sensitive data becomes a big issue. For the security purpose data is encrypted before outsourcing. But encrypted data is very difficult to be retrieved efficiently. Although some traditional search schemes are available for searching encrypted data, but these techniques are merely base on Boolean search and not deals with the relevance of files. These approaches suffer from two main shortcomings. Firstly, if one user has no pre-knowledge of encrypted data, has to process every retrieved file to find results of his use. Secondly, every time retrieving all the files containing query keyword increases network traffic. This work is dedicated to develop an approach for secure and effective retrieval of cloud data. Ranked search greatly improves the performance by returning the files in ranked order based on some similarity relevance criteria. To achieve more practical performance, system demonstrates an approach for symmetric searchable encryption (SSE) which utilizes information retrieval and cryptography primitives. Hence the implementation is based on order-preserving symmetric encryption (OPSE).