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Ageing and Cancer: Breaking the Dont Put All Eggs in One basket and Natural Self-organisation, and their Potential Reprogramming viaModulation of Mi-2/NuRD, mTOR Kinase and Metabolism

Yue Zhang

From non-conventional angles, it is argued here ?Don?t put all eggs in one basket? and natural ?self-organisation? are among keys to unveil ageing and cancer. The former is behind phenomena, such as asymmetry division, sharing interaction, chaotic and oscillatory gene expressions, sex, stemness, tumor heterogeneity, ageing damage heterogeneity; the latter is a core of system biology based cell attractors theory and evolution in this vision and reflections. We briefly examine the inevitability of ageing and cancer and postulated that the sharing in origin of modern life and the commencement of multicellularity is essential for cell normality, and the carcinogesis is speciation. As for the Mi-2/NuRD (Nucleosome Remodelling and histone deacetylase), we have previously proposed to explain the carcinogenesis alongside diseased multicellularity. I here extend it to Mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) protein kinase and metabolism in ageing and cancer. The modulation on them is proposed to reprogram ageing and cancer.