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Adventitious Rooting in Shoot Cuttings of Taxus wallichiana Zucc., an Endangered Medicinally Important Conifer of Kashmir Himalaya

Nazir N, Kamili AN, Shah D and Zargar MY

Taxus wallichiana Zucc. (Himalayan yew), is precious for taxol or paclitaxel removal used in the research of anti-cancer drugs (ovarian cancers, AIDS related cancers and other indications). It is a slow growing tree species due toits very poor natural regeneration and very low seed germination. The present investigation tested the consequenceof different plant growth regulators such as, Indole Butyric Acid (IBA), Indole-3- Acetic Acid (IAA) and NaphthaleneAcetic Acid (NAA) on adventitious rooting of Himalayan yew shoot cuttings in four different seasons (spring,summer, autumn and winter) under nursery conditions. Shoot cuttings were treated with diverse concentrations ofIBA, IAA and NAA. However, IBA at 1000 ppm in spring season (Mar-May) showed best response in stipulations ofroot length, root number and rooting percentage. The present investigation reveals that this method has thepotentiality of using the young shoot cuttings of Himalayan yew in presence of plant growth regulating hormone IBAfor its propagation and production on large extent to congregate the increasing stipulate.