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Adopting Geo-electric Approach in Mineral Characterization of Iyamitet Settlement

Akinde AS*, Dikedi PN and Ogharandukun MO

The research work epicenters on the delineation of Barite-Galena sediments within Iyamitet settlement of Obrubra region, Present work has become necessary owing to the growing need for the Nigeria and indeed world economy to be funded from proceeds of mineral ores as an alternative source of regional and global revenues. The ore garners some global economic value and importance. In delineating the region which habours the mineral ore, geo-electricity was introduced into the subsurface by employing a pair of current electrodes while the voltage is measured by inserting another pair of potential electrodes. Shlumberger array and Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) techniques were adopted to measure apparent ground resistivity of the subsurface under investigation. Eighteen Vertical Electrical Sounding Curves, five geo-sections, five Isoresistivity and four Isopach maps were generated respectively. Since mineral-ores (Barite and Galena) are located within the host rocks, all 18 VES results represented in 18 tables show varied depths to these ores--and the rocks which harbours them.. The Iso-resistivity map with red patches bearing resistivities over 1000 Ωm demonstrates potential for Barite which coincide with varying depth of (10-15) m as revealed by the coring and borehole information. The Iso-pach map with the lightest patch represents highest altitude of the area under investigation. The dark blue patch represents the lowest portion of the region under investigation. Though results do not show the presence of Galena ore material, it is possible that multiple ore intrusions could have compromised the resistivity reading of Galena; Galena presence could be uncovered by combining outcome of results from multiple geophysical techniques

Published Date: 2019-10-28; Received Date: 2019-09-12