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Acute Otitis Media: Identification of Causative Pathogens with Antimicrobial Comparative Efficacy

Maria Ayub, Amna Islam, Amna Moiz and Munawerah Fahad

The otitis media is the most common type of ear infection while the most important cause of ear infections in humans is bacterial. Pseudomonas aeruginosa is the most common pathogen causing ear infection in pediatrics. Proper diagnoses and proper treatment is really required in case of ear infection because it may leads to deafness. Study aimed to evaluate the major pathogens causing ear infection. For the purpose of this study surveillance considerations was done by collecting the retrospective data from public healthcare sector of patients with immunecompromised so that we come to know about the major pathogens causing ear infection and their treatment options. Nearly the otitis media is the most common type of ear infection (50%). The bacterial pathogens are the major cause of infection (85%) mainly includes Pseudomonas species (21%). The (27%) of pathogens are resistant to antibiotic therapy while (38%) of the pathogens are sensitive towards various antibiotics. The untreated ear infection may leads to deafness so proper efficacious treatment is required in that case. After careful considerations about the pathogens causing ear infection. It was concluded that the bacterial, viral or fungal are the possible causes of ear infection. Proper diagnosis and proper treatment is required in these cases especially for pediatrics because they are more susceptible to those infections.