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International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
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Actual Aspects of Treatment and Rehabilitation of Athletes with Back Pain

Andrei Shpakou and Alexey Dmitriev

Dorsopathy is a group of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue, the major symptomcomplex of which is pain and functional syndrome in the trunk and limbs of non-visceral etiology. Treatment and prophylaxis of spine degenerative-dystrophic changes leading to the development of dorsalgias is an important and complicated problem which should be investigated and solved by complex and targeted prophylactic measures that allow prevention of acute clinical conditions development and give the possibility for athletes to participate in training and competition activities. On the basis of long-standing experimental and clinical investigations we have introduced the theory of degenerative-dystrophic spine changes and dorsalgias development. The theory is based on the conception that both hypokinesia and very intense prolonged muscle exertion can lead to changes in the metabolism of aminoacids and thiamin-dependent reactions of decarboxylation of alpha-acids (their predecessors), which can result in their configuration in musculoskeletal system tissues. Long-term increased stress on the intervertebral disc which has insufficient biochemical supply can cause microtraumas, autoimmune processes, and lead to degenerative-dystrophic processes and the development of pain syndrome (dorsalgias), the latter in its turn causes changes in metabolism and bioelectric activity of skeletal muscles. Our clinical observations have showed that the best treatment outcomes in such patients are registered when both a physician and a coach participate in organizing prophylaxis and rehabilitation considering physical and psychological state of a athletes. In conclusion, it should be noted that prolonged intense exertion in sport can lead to changes in structure and functions of the musculoskeletal system which requires timely rehabilitation to achieve better outcomes.