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Journal of Pharmacological Reports
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Abnormal Soft Palate, Lingual Mucosa and Intestine of Neonates Maternally Fed on Diet Containing Fried Potatoes Chips or Received Acrylamide-Treatment

Hassan IH El-Sayyad, Soad A Khalifa, Afaf A.E Fahmy, Eman A El-Shahary, Eman A El-Shahary and Ehsan M A Ibrahim

Recently, several studies have documented the presence of acrylamide residues in fried food stuffs such as fried potato chips, snacks etc., due to Mallard reaction for its contents of glucose and asparagine amino acid. The present study was carried to illustrate the effect of maternal dietary intake of fried potato chips on soft palate, lingual papillae and duodenum of developing neonates (1, 7, 13 and 21 days) compared to acrylamide-treatment. Eighty pregnant Wistar albino rats arranged into three groups were used. These are control, fried potato chips (50% standard diet) and acrylamide-treatment (10 mg/kg body weight). Experimentation of acrylamide-treatment or dietary intake of fried potato chips was carried out from 6th day of gestation till 21 days post-partum. Neonates of the mentioned ages were sacrificed and their soft palate, dorsum tongue surface and duodenum were examined histologically, scanning electron microscopically and DNA damage by using comet assay and DNA fragmentation. The present findings revealed several deformations of lingual papillae and taste bud bodies in soft palate. The experimental treated neonates exhibited histological abnormalities such as decreased cornification of the filiform papillae, degeneration of the apical taste buds of fungiform papillae and deformed taste buds in soft palate. The mucosal layer of duodenum possessed a marked damage of epithelial lining cells, reduction of goblet cells and comparative atrophy of the villi. Apparent atrophy of the fungiform papillae and decreased keratinization of the filiform papillae were detected at scanning electron microscopic level. Single and double strand DNA damage was markedly observed in lingual and duodenal cells.

The authors finally concluded that maternally dietary intake of fried potato chips caused marked damage of soft palate, lingual papillae and duodenum of neonates coincides with DNA damage.