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A Systematic, Critical Review of the Literature to Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Eccentric Training in Symptomatic Upper Limb Tendinopathies

Miguel Ortega-Castillo, Ivan Medina-Porqueres and Raquel Cantero-Tellez

Objective: This systematic review aims to determine the effect of eccentric training in the management of upper limb tendinopathies.

Method: A computer-assisted literature search of medical, sport Discus, Physiotherapy Evidence Database (Pedro), and CINAHL databases was conducted. Pedro scale was employed to assess methodological quality. Inclusion criteria were well specified.

Results: After selection 12 studies satisfied the eligibility criteria with an average of 6/10 based on the Pedro score. In 11 studies, pain decreased significantly with eccentric. Strength was assessed in 9 studies; within-group evaluations show that strength significantly improved in the eccentric-group in 7 studies, whereas inter-group changes were only significantly better in the eccentric-group in 3 studies for all the parameters and in 2 studies for some of the parameters.

Conclusion: Effectiveness of eccentric training compared with other forms of treatment remains questionable. Studies demonstrated that eccentric training may reduce pain and improve strength in upper limb tendinopathies.