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Journal of Information Technology & Software Engineering
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A Survey on: Keyword Search and Similarity using RDF Schema

Gujrani S and Phakatkar AG

The increase in the world of internet and information has given rise to a lot of information stored on the web. All the information stored in the World Wide Web has semantics and relevance these days. Searching in this pool of information on the web is a very tedious task. Keyword search similarity is an important tool for exploring and searching large data repositories whose structure is either unknown, or constantly changing. The current existing systems define various techniques that work on searching the information semantically. These techniques have various limitations that give rise to many problems in the web. If the data is organized in a definite schema then the efficient results can be easily obtained. This paper focuses on various techniques that focuses on searching of keywords using RDF schema and obtaining similarity in the web using different techniques. The main focus is on the systems that use partitioning and graph-structured techniques for searching.