Journal of Yoga & Physical Therapy

Journal of Yoga & Physical Therapy
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ISSN: 2157-7595


A Study to Identify the Benefits, Barriers, and Cues to Participating in a Yoga Program among Community Dwelling Older Adults

Hetal D Nayak, Neela K Patel, Robert Wood, Vanessa Dufault and Nathaniel Guidotti

Objectives: The purpose of this study was to identify the perceived benefits, barriers and cues to participate in a yoga intervention among community dwelling older adults.

Design: A cross sectional study using a previously validated survey developed based on the health belief model was administered to participants.

Setting: Community Setting - Beneficiaries of the Bihl Haus Arts community center at two different locations.

Subjects/Participants: Two hundred and seventy five (275) older adults attending community activity centers. Both males and females ages 50 and older, willing to participate in the survey. Exclusions were made for any unwillingness to complete the survey or incomplete surveys.

Results: The participants in the survey were age 50 and older, with average of 70.7 years, 73% were females, 68% were Hispanic by ethnicity, 18.5% were white, 50% had high school or less education and the remaining had a professional degree. 90.6% identified as Christian or Catholic faith. Statistically significant associations were found between some survey items and participant’s willingness to do yoga was measured using chi-square statistics and student's t test. Also, associations were found between yoga willingness and three additive scales which were constructed for perceived physical, mental and social benefits.

Conclusions: Perceived benefits to participate in yoga are physical, mental, and social benefits to health. Perceived barriers to participating in yoga were do not have time, class is too long, dislike teacher, hurts, might worsen health problems, and that yoga is not an aerobic exercise. Having a physical or mental ailment, advised by friends and family and awareness through the media were the main cues to action or motivation to participate in yoga.