A Comparison Study between Types of Augmented Feedback on Functional Task | Abstract
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A Comparison Study between Types of Augmented Feedback on Functional Task

Viveka Narana and Ananth Nagaraj

Aim: The aim of this study was to examine the effect of augmented feedbacks needed when helping a patient learn a functional task.
: Our objective is to study which among the various types augmented feedback is precisely effective for a normal individuals helps in motor learning to perform a functional task accurately.
10 normal university students were choose as subjects to learn basketball penalty shoots and feedbacks were randomly assigned to each person. There will be 5 modes of feedback such as immediate, concurrent, terminal, summary and delayed where each subject will be analysed with each feedbacks. One week of intervention will be given on each feedback, for 20 minutes on each day. A week of washout period will be given before the subject switched to another feedback. Intervention period and practice time will be similar for all the feedbacks.
The post-test results as compared to pre-test show immediate feedback has promising effect in learning the functional task as compared to other feedbacks at p<0.5 in same subject. The results also show the subject’s ability to learn and perform functional task effectively is significant different when the he/she is exposed to different feedbacks at p<0.05.
Conclusion: There is an increase in effectiveness when immediate feedback was used for normal subjects. Overall our study also shows the individual’s precision in performing functional task varies when different feedback is given.