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Journal of Theoretical & Computational Science
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A Century Old Dispute over Quantum Theory; Ontology of ‘Forbidden Experiments’, and the Quantum Theory of Motion

Yehonathan Hazony and Dov Hazony

The concept of ‘Non-permissible experiments’ permeated the literature by Merzbacher as an articulation of Heisenberg’s Rules. Ample experiments in Modern Physics deem forbidden, but never the less, they do not violate the uncertainty relations. In contrast, recent ultrasonic time-of-flight experiments in condensed-matter channels, encounter violation of the uncertainty principle. Accordingly these agree with the de Broglie-Bohm interpretation of quantum mechanics, which does not support the uncertainty relations, and elaborated by the quantum theory of motion. This theory is expanded to account for ultrasound-phononic dispersion in condensed-matter channels.