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Journal of Yoga & Physical Therapy
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A Case Study: Investigation of Yoga?s Potential to Treat Breast Cancer Survivors Facing Cancer Related Fatigue

Kalpana Ojha, Ravi Kumar Goyal, S. Sharma, Prof. Subhasini Sharma and Nivideta Yadav

Purpose of this study was to investigate efficiency of Yoga as an adjuvant therapy for breast cancer survivors who faced Cancer Related Fatigue, after post treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy etc. We prepared a randomized trial with yoga in Stan Cancer Rogi Seva Kendra, Radiotherapy Dept, SMS Hospital, Jaipur (India) in collaboration with the “Koshish” and the “Green Earth Foundation”. The authors of the manuscript are associated with both of them. We organized Yoga classes for 5 days in a week for two months (Monday to Friday) non stop. Among 93 of the participants, 62 were allowed to attend Yoga sessions and 31 were kept as control. There was a slow decrease in depressive symptoms on the Beck Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II) for experimental group of participants that were age above fifty from first intervention to second intervention of the session to intervention periods (mean:1st intervention- 70.790 to 2nd intervention-69.368), this showed that the first intervention were quite effective and the patients were benefited from the yoga. Also for the other experimental group of participants i.e. below the age of fifty where the value arose from (mean: 1st intervention-68.081 to 2nd intervention-57.174) they were improved in their depressive symptoms and their quality of life.