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Advances in Pediatric Research
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A Case Report on Malnutrition in Infants Due to Lack of Mother's Breast Milk

Emily Roberts*

Malnutrition in infants is due to the lack of mother's breast milk with profound implications for child health and development. Breastfeeding, recognized as the optimal source of nutrition for infants provides essential nutrients and protective factors. However, various factors can disrupt breastfeeding practices, leading to inadequate nutrition and subsequent malnutrition in infants. Contributing factors to the lack of breastfeeding and subsequent malnutrition include maternal health issues, insufficient support from healthcare professionals and cultural influences that discourage breastfeeding. Interventions such as improved healthcare support, enhanced community and family assistance, workplace policies supporting breastfeeding and public awareness campaigns are recommended.

By recognizing the impact of inadequate breastfeeding on infant health and development, this case study aims to raise awareness and foster effective interventions to ensure optimal nutrition and well-being for infants.

Published Date: 2023-07-03; Received Date: 2023-06-01