Orthopedic & Muscular System: Current Research

Orthopedic & Muscular System: Current Research
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A Case Report of Isolated Posterior Fracture Dislocation of Anatomical Neck of Humerus

Babak Siavashi and Mohammad Reza Golbakhsh

Introduction: Fracture dislocation of anatomical neck of humerus is an extremly rare fracture. So, the best treatment for it and long term results are not well established. It is our duty to report each case of it to make material for a greater study.
Material and method: A 27 years old man who is a victim of car accident is presented with shoulder and pelvic pain. In X- ray, there was a hollow glenoid and in CT scan, the fractured anatomical head is rotated and angulated posterior to glenoid (Figure 1). It was treated with hemiarthroplasty of shoulder.
Results: By deltopectoral approach, we can remove head fragment and because there was no enough bone in subchondral region, we didn’t fix it and exchange it with cemented hemiarthroplasty of involved shoulder.
Discussion: Because of complete dislocation of anatomical head of humerus and no soft tissue attachment to it, avascular necrosis of head of humerus can be highly anticipated. So, we choose hemiarthroplasty for him and we think because tuberosities are not detached, function will be good.