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A Case Report of Anesthetic Management in an Eight-Week-Old Infant with Trisomy 15 Presenting for Resection of Hemangiopericytoma of the Orbit

Trevor A Whitwell, Anthony Franchetti, Ankit Jain and Shridevi Pandya Shah

A difficult airway management situation was presented by an eight-week-old infant who presented with a bleeding
orbital tumor. The infant also had a not yet diagnosed inherited trisomy 15 with facial abnormalities and an upper
respiratory tract infection that made the face-mask ventilation and tracheal intubation more challenging. The urgent
need for the surgery precluded any further work-up and optimization. Anesthetic challenges included difficult mask
ventilation, difficult endotracheal intubation, extremely reactive airway and very labile hemodynamics during
induction. An Air-Q laryngeal mask airway was used as a rescue airway device and as a portal for endotracheal tube
placement during the anesthetic management with good outcome