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Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research
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A Case of Onychomycosis due to Aspergillus flavus in all Fingernails and Toenails of an Immunocompromised Patient

Yesim Akpinar Kara, Fatma Gülru Erdogan and Derya Cöloglu

Onychomycosis is a common disorder which is characterized with thickness and discoloration of nails. It accounts for the half of the nail disorders. Diabetic patients are particularly susceptible to fungal infections due to modifications that occur in their immunological system. Studies detected an increased risk among all three major groups of organisms that can cause onychomycosis in diabetic patients: dermatophytes, yeasts, and non-dermatophyte molds. We present a case of onychomycosis due to Aspergillus flavus. The patient was an immunocompromised 41-year-old male who identified with diabetes mellitus and pancreas cancer. The presence of Aspergillus flavus in a nail was confirmed using microscopic and culture analysis followed by Matrix- assisted laser desorption iozination- time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS). Apergillus flavus have been rare reported at onychomycosis.