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Bipolar Disorder: Open Access
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3 Episodes In My Head

Maureen Shafer Pontevedra

It took me a while to write my story because I knew that some people would not totally understand. I looked online for people that possibly had the same experience as I did and saw an article by Maricela Estrada who has gone through the same experience, very similar to mine. Then something in me just want to share what I went through.

The encouragement of my husband Mark Anthony Pontevedra who poured out his time wholeheartedly and my aunt Rachel dela Cruz who did not think twice to support me from the start paved the way for my writing. You see, uncontrollable things and situations can be controlled if we choose to fight with it and not against it.

Published Date: 2019-03-05; Received Date: 2018-08-24