Advances in Medical Ethics
ISSN: 2385-5495

Aims and scope

Advances in Medical Ethics publishes original contributions that have a high likelihood of shaping the application and direction of medical ethics. The journal’s content is of primary interest to medical ethicists and bioethicists and is of interest to clinicians, attorneys, and judges who are faced with ethical dilemmas in the course of professional practice. Advances in Medical Ethics maintains a rigorous peer-review process, yet we have a streamlined editorial process to expedite publishing timely topics.

Advances in Medical Ethics accepts articles in a variety of formats including feature articles, invited commentaries, viewpoints, responses, and editorials. Examples of content areas include, conducting ethical medical research, conflicts of interest, end of life issues, ethical decision-making, euthanasia, genetic testing and advanced diagnostics, informed consent, medical and surgical practice principles, medical futility, organ and tissue donation, rationing, stem cell treatments, and vulnerable populations.

Recent published articles