Emerging Tools and Technologies to Combat Coronavirus
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Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods
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Emerging Tools and Technologies to Combat Coronavirus

Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods is pleased to announce a Special issue on “Emerging tools and technologies to combat Coronavirus”.

COVID-19 is an infectious disease that is spreading between people globally. The virus responsible for causing this disease is named as Coronavirus. The symptoms of the disease vary from mild to moderate respiratory illness. Older people and those with underlying medical conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness. So far COVID-19 has claimed many lives across the globe.

According to the WHO report in response to the growing COVID-19 pandemic and the shortages of the laboratory-based testing capacity and reagents has led to the development of easy-to-use devices to facilitate the rapid testing of the samples. These test kits are based either on the detection of proteins from the COVID-19 virus in respiratory samples or detection, in blood or serum, of human antibodies generated in response to infection. Also, scientists are developing an ultrasensitive laser sensor that can detect the coronavirus at the earliest point of infection from nasal or saliva swab.

With the same purpose our Journal “Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods” is announcing Special issue Call for paper on Emerging tools and technologies to combat Coronavirus. We welcome both solicited and unsolicited submissions that will contribute to this special issue.


Submission Process

  • Special issue articles can include both original unpublished research articles and review articles related to the specific theme.
  • Manuscripts will be accepted for publishing in the special issue only after getting approved by the peer review committee.
  • All the articles in special issues should strictly adhere to journal style and formatting.
  • Each special issue can be created with 5-7 articles.
  • All accepted manuscripts can be submitted online via Diagnostic methods or through an email id to
  • Submission should be accompanied by a cover letter with reference to the concerned special issue theme.
  • Please visit Instruction for authors page to know more about article formatting and guidelines: Author guidelines



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