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This was the first nylon fiber introduced to the world based on extensive research led by Wallace Carothers (1896–1937), an American chemist, inventor, and the leader of organic chemistry at DuPont. On the textile end-product side, one of the outstanding examples of scientific research was the work by Ruth Mary Rogan Benerito (1916–2013), an American chemist known for her work related to the development of wash-and-wear or wrinkle-free cotton fabrics using the principle of “cross-linking” process and monobasic acid chlorides The research activities discussed earlier represent examples of science that has immensely served engineering and technology in the textile industry and perfectly closed the loop of the EOS system. The development of new fibers resulted in the design of many traditional and technical textile products that had far exceeded the performance of products made prior to the 20th century. It has also resulted in the design of new textile machines that are capable of producing and processing synthetic fibers and different natural/synthetic fiber blends at the highest efficiency possible.

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