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Textileengineering Applications

A demand for longer release of active agents is always a beneficial aspect of controlled release systems. Optimizing the composition of the polymer wall of microcapsules and the encapsulation method should be reflected in a better release control. Special attention should be paid to stimuli-responsive polymers that could impart additional functionality to textile-based controlled release vehicles. These polymers have found wide application in free form and the challenge would be to expand their use in the form of microcapsules attached to the textile structures.The field of biotextiles lies at the intersection of the disciplines of polymer, fiber and material science, textile technology, biomedical engineering, design and modeling, mechanics, the biological sciences such as microbiology, immunology and genetics as well as medicine. The study of biotextiles involves the application of the principles and techniques of textile science and engineering to the enhancement of medical science so as to improve the health, lifestyle and quality-of-life of individual humans and animals. This means that in order to understand the concepts and priorities for biotextiles it is necessary to have a basic appreciation and understanding of both the material world of polymers, fibers and textiles, as well as the biological world of cells, biomechanics, human anatomy and physiology, in which the material functions and performs

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