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Textile Research Peer Review Journal

Certainly, calculus and differential equations are critical in many research applications, but as Arthur Benjamin, a famous American mathematician, puts it (Ted Talk, 2009), only very few of us use calculus in a conscious and meaningful way in our daily practices. He calls for a change in the mathematical pyramid to make statistics the top of the pyramid. Ironically, even the ABET did not realize the importance of statistics except in the last 30 years. Now, in the era of big data and unsupervised machine learning, there is no doubt that statistics should be the top of the mathematic pyramidRegarding the industry's demands, today's information technology has widened the base of education in such a way that interdisciplinary education has become a critical necessity. This means that highly specific education programs are likely to give way to more interdisciplinary education programs and joint degrees. A textile engineering program in chemical processing may be attractive to some students who have made up their minds to work in the wet-processing segment of the textile industry, but it will not be as attractive for students who wish to become chemical engineers with ample opportunities to work in a wider range of industries

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