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Open Access Article Related To Animal Proteomics

.Proteomics allows the study of proteins present in a given tissue or fluid (the proteome). It is of significant  importance to numerous scientific areas, including animal and veterinary sciences.Animal proteomics is a field of study in .its own right with application to the biology and pathology of domestic  species providing valuable insight in fundamental aspects of each species. is an  evolving field which holds a great promise  not only for .fundamental and applied discoveries regarding biology and pathology FO domestic species, but .can also be implemented in. comparative applications of human diseases research.  Proteomic investigations in veterinary. .medicine and animal health have increased recently butare still .a minor component ofthe large body of. reports in the proteomics  canon. Investigation of the proteomes of tissue and  biological fluid. from animals may be for health and. diseases in veterinary medicine, in which case there is a parallel with the investigation of human disease. There are two main routes to. making researchoutputs openly accessible.  One involves publishing articles orbooks via the OA route on a publisher’s platform. (often referred to as gold open access). The other involves archiving a version  ofthe manuscript in an OA repository  (often described as green open access)