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Advancements in Genetic Engineering

Advancements in Genetic Engineering
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Next Generation Sequencing Seminars Innovations

The last several years have seen revolutionary advances in DNA sequencing technologies with the advent of next‐generation sequencing (NGS) techniques. NGS methods now allow millions of bases to be sequenced in one round, at a fraction of the cost relative to traditional Sanger sequencing. As costs and capabilities of these technologies continue to improve, we are only beginning to see the possibilities of NGS platforms, which are developing in parallel with online availability of a wide range of biological data sets and scientific publications and allowing us to address a variety of questions not possible before. As techniques and data sets continue to improve and grow, we are rapidly moving to the point where every organism, not just select “model organisms”, is open to the power of NGS. This volume presents a brief synopsis of NGS technologies and the development of exemplary applications of such methods in the fields of molecular marker development, hybridization and introgression, transcriptome investigations, phylogenetic and ecological studies, polyploid genetics, and applications for large genebank collections.

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