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Military Robotics

Military robots are autonomous robots or remote-controlled mobile robots designed for military applications, from transport to search & rescue and attack.Defense robots are professional service robots that are deployed by the military in combat scenarios. They’re often intended to enhance a soldier’s existing capabilities while keeping them out of harm’s way as much as possible. Defense robots contribute to military superiority by giving troops an advantage at the ground level. Militaries as a whole gain a tactical advantage through the use of defense robots.Defense robots will see a moderate gain in 2018, growing by 4% to about 12,500 installed units.Militaries all over the world have already developed robotics to be deployed on land, sea, and air. Just like autonomous technology in the civilian world, its benefits include reduced labor costs, reduced fuel costs, and reduced size for everything from automatic taxis to delivery drones; autonomous military vehicles provide all of these same advantages but with the additional benefit unique to militaries.

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