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Male Infertility Journals

Among the various pathologies that afflict humans, infertility has a special place. It usually does not result in physical morbidity, pain, limitation of activity or longevity. However, its impact on the psychological and social wellbeing of not only the index patient but also his or her partner makes it a major concern for health professionals. In the US, more than four in five practicing urologists admit to treating infertility. Considering its high prevalence and widespread impact, it has been included as a part of the national program for reproductive and child health in India.There are a number of problems in evaluating and treating male infertility These begin with a lack of standard tests for assessing fertility. Unexplained infertility occurs even when all known tests are normal. There are issues with performing a basic semen analysis since semen is exquisitely sensitive to storage conditions and reporting often does not follow guidelines. The etiologic factors in male infertility continue to be debated and there is incomplete knowledge about its pathophysiology.

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