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Immunological Disorders and Immunotherapy

Immunological Disorders and Immunotherapy
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Immunological Biomolecules

Human body is a mystery of several internal organs, cells, molecules and together they perform various tasks to keep us healthy. Our body is well equipped with an inbuilt mechanism to fight against diseases and keep it health. This system is generally referred as ‘Immune System’.Bio Molecules are millions micro and macro particles in the living organisms such as Lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids that helps handling the smooth functioning of various metabolic activities. Any imbalance in these biomolecules may lead to various malfunctions of the organs in our body. A vast communication network functions constantly within the body, involving millions of cells. These cells interact constantly by sending and receiving chemical signals and play a significant role in maintaining various functions in our body. Central to this vast cellular signaling network, interactions also take place between billions of proteins and biomolecules.

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