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Hydrogeology (hydro- that means water, and -geology that means the study of the Earth) is that the space of earth science that deals with the distribution and movement of groundwater within the soil and rocks of the layer (commonly in aquifers). The terms groundwater geophysics, geohydrology, and hydrogeology ar usually used interchangeably. Groundwater engineering, another name for hydrogeology, may be a branch of engineering that thinks about with groundwater movement and style of wells, pumps, and drains. the most considerations in groundwater engineering embrace groundwater contamination, conservation of provides, and water quality. Wells ar made to be used in developing nations, further as to be used in developed nations in places that aren't connected to a town water system. Wells should be designed and maintained to uphold the integrity of the geological formation, and to stop contaminants from reaching the groundwater. contestation arises within the use of groundwater once its usage impacts surface water systems, or once human action threatens the of the integritynative geological formation system

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