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Drug Designing: Open Access

Drug Designing: Open Access
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Drug Formulation Peer Review Journals

An important strategic focus of the Pharmaceutical Research Institute is development of state-of-the-art drug formulation and drug delivery units that will facilitate drug development for pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations. A drug can have many different forms depending upon how it is manufactured, route to be taken or the desired effects. The most common forms of drugs are tablets, capsules or solutions. Drug Formulation includes • Novel dosage forms, like sterile products, capsules, tablets, topical preparations and non-conventional products such as sustained-release or semi-solid preparations. The products that enhance drug solubility and stability, improve bioavailability, targeted tissue delivery. The vitro evaluation of stability of drug and release properties for formulations. Once the pharmaceutical profile of the drug has been determined, the appropriate administration route can be identified and designed. Excipients are selected such that they overcome potential problems in manufacturing and stability, and to deal with the factors involving delivery issues such as solubility and absorption. Bench studies are then performed on pilot batches to establish excipients compatibility and dosage form specifications. The final formulation design of the drug is optimized to take into account the pharmacokinetic properties of the drug.


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