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Colostrum, the first milk you produce when starting breastfeeding, is the ideal nourishment for a newborn. It’s highly concentrated, full of protein and nutrient-dense – so a little goes a long way in your baby’s tiny tummy. It’s also low in fat, easy to digest, and brimming with components that start his development in the best possible way. And, perhaps even more importantly, it plays a crucial role in building his immune system. Up to two-thirds of the cells in colostrum are white blood cells that guard against infections, as well as helping your baby start fighting infections for himself.1 “White blood cells are important as far as immune responses are concerned. They provide protection and challenge pathogens,” explains Professor Peter Hartmann, a leading expert in the science of lactation, based at The University of Western Australia.Having left the protection of your body, your baby needs to be ready for new challenges in the world around him. The white blood cells in colostrum produce antibodies that can neutralise bacteria or viruses. These antibodies are particularly effective against tummy upsets and diarrhoea – important for young babies who have immature guts.

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