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New technologies have always driven innovation in construction and building design, meaning the present day is an exciting time to be an architect; the technological advances of the digital age provide the industry with a plethora of new tools to take building design to the next step.Drones, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, 3D-printing, Big Data and the Internet of Things; such are the new additions to the architect's toolbox that will change the way we build.Researching how architects can and should close the feedback loop with their structures, the multidisciplinary team at GXN harvests and analyzes vital data from buildings in order to help architects build a better future. Concentrating their efforts on Circular Design, Behavior Design, and Digital Design, the people behind GXN are architects, engineers, designers, and social scientists. From Copenhagen, Kåre Poulsgaard, Head of Innovation at GXN, spoke with ArchDaily’s Christele Haarouk, about Artificial Intelligence in Architecture.

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