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Articles published in Organic Chemistry: Current Research have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Organic Chemistry: Current Research has got h-index 11, which means every article in Organic Chemistry: Current Research has got 11 average citations.

Following are the list of articles that have cited the articles published in Organic Chemistry: Current Research.

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Year wise published articles

57 12 10 11 9

Year wise citations received

87 78 72 44 44
Journal total citations count 453
Journal impact factor 3.81
Journal 5 years impact factor 4.92
Journal cite score 5.93
Journal h-index 11
Journal h-index since 2017 10
Important citations

kumar sinniah s, wai tan k, weng ng s, shin sim k. thiosemicarbazone derivative induces in vitro apoptosis in metastatic pc-3 cells via activation of mitochondrial pathway. anti-cancer agents in medicinal chemistry (formerly current medicinal chemistry-anti-cancer agents). 2017;17(5):741-753.

odeh in. synthesis, characterization, and ct-dna interactions of novel complexes of (copper (ii)\tetradentate snns schiff bases) (doctoral dissertation).

mallikarjun g. synthesis, characterization and biological activity of schiff base metal complexes. asian j chem. 2017;10(4):587-592.

cannatelli md. exploiting the oxidizing capabilities of laccases exploiting the oxidizing capabilities of laccases for sustainable chemistry. oak ridge national lab.(ornl), oak ridge, tn (united states); 2017.

cannatelli md, ragauskas aj. personal account.

cannatelli md, ragauskas aj. ecofriendly syntheses of phenothiazones and related structures facilitated by laccase–a comparative study. tetrahedron lett. 2016;57(33):3749-3753.

el sayed h, awad lf, al moaty mn, bdeewy ok. a novel trans-amination process in 3-arylamino-5, 5-dimethylcyclohex-2-en-1-one with nucleophiles and antimicrobial activity of selected products.

martin mc, sandridge mj, williams cw, francis za, france s. dehydrative nazarov-type electrocyclizations of alkenyl (hetero) aryl carbinols via calcium catalysis: access to cyclopenta [b] thiophenes and indene derivatives. tetrahedron. 2017;73(29):4093-4108.

carmichael ra, sophanpanichkul p, chalifoux wa. β-silyl-assisted tandem diels–alder/nazarov reaction of 1-aryl-3-(trimethylsilyl) ynones. org lett. 2017;19(10):2592-2595.

arigela rk, kumar r, samala s, gupta s, kundu b. diversity‐oriented synthesis of polycyclic indoles: brønsted or lewis acid catalyzed three‐component reaction for the synthesis of α‐carbolines and pyrimidoindoles. eur j org chem. 2014;2014(27):6057-6066.

kandimalla sr, sabitha g. diversity‐oriented synthesis of oxacyclic spirooxindole derivatives through ring‐closing enyne metathesis and intramolecular pauson–khand (2+ 2+ 1) cyclization of oxindole enynes. adv synth catal. 2017;359(19):3444-3453.

jamuna s, rathinavel a, sadullah ss, devaraj sn. in silico approach to study the metabolism and biological activities of oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes. indian j pharmacol. 2018;50(5):242.

daragahi sa, mohebat r, mosslemin mh. green and eco-friendly synthesis of quinoxalines by brönsted acidic ionic liquid supported on nano-sio2 under solvent-free conditions. org prep proced int. 2018;50(3):301-313.

محقر, هاشم نیا, بزاززاده, سید حجت, اقبال, رویا. شناسایی Ùˆ اولویت بندی ابزارهای آمیخته ترفیع صنعت پلاستیک با استفاده ترکیب فنون تصمیم گیری چند شاخصه (madm). پژوهش در مدیریت صنعتی-دانشگاه آزاداسلامی واحد سنندج.;9(29):1-24.‎

戴波, 安海洋, 李志超, 刘学君. 改进泰森多边形的 uwb 危化品仓储定位技术. 自动化仪表. 2017;38(10):59.

yarlikaÅž s, can zv. yeÅŸil tedarik zinciri yönetimini etkileyen faktörlerin önem sıralamalarının swara ve copeland yöntemleri ile belirlenmesi. eskiÅŸehir osmangazi üniversitesi Ä°ktisadi ve Ä°dari bilimler dergisi.;14(3):899-924.

huh da, lim hl, sohn jr, byeon sh, jung s, lee wk, moon kw. development of a screening method for health hazard ranking and scoring of chemicals using the mahalanobis–taguchi system. int j environ res public health. 2018 oct;15(10):2208.

pourahmadi a, ebadi t, nikazar m. industrial wastes risk ranking with topsis, multi criteria decision making method. civil eng j. 2017;3(6):372-381.

uppari dj. res rev: j pharm toxicol studies. brain.;15:20.

mohammed nl, saied sm, maray ah. mobile base program for drug-drug interactions (mbpddis). engineering and technology journal. 2017;35(1 part (b) scientific):63-67.

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