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Editorial - (2021)Volume 9, Issue 2

Weird Murder Attacks and Paradigmatic Behavior of criminal.

Gousiya Rahamath Criminology Studies,

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Cruel minded criminals are turned into weird behavioral animals, because of severe grudge, psychological
irregular consistence, rude behavior, cruel thinking etc., murdering the respective individual is an offensable crime
which does not exist in a polite behavior. There are several types of murders are there, depends upon the criminal’s
thoughts and their intensive aggressive behavior, maximum numbers are happens due to the fear of covering their
faults and mistakes.



Murdering the one is not an easy thing to digest in a politable society [1], especially in well-developed community. Criminals who are all intended to murder are having severe cruel thoughts and several indefinite reasons they have, some of the murders are happens due to lack of money [2,3], it’s not only one reason but also the main reason to get top position in the one of the reason to killing and murder too, next place is fraud, after that is rape, but least position to murder someone is for hungry and guiltiness on others, law and order are there to punish the criminals but not stop them, here am stated the crime ratios and homicide as per year and respective countries (Table 1).

Weapons used for Murder

Some of the criminals are choosing the way of homicide in brutal ways to frighten the respective one [4,5]. After that police also not getting dare to watch that crime scenes, because of the choosing andselection of the weapons to kill are like that type of terrifying, they are like given in the (Figures 1-6). Above given are the typical weapons used in murders and the criteria of live murder attack in some countries [6]. However, these type of criminals are not intended to be survived in society.


When we came to conclusion, deciding of this murder types and attacks are true and they are traveling with the day, but such type of incidents are not supposed to be enter in our life, we should take care and be aware of criminals. Maintains of safety, licensed weapons and police instructions and late night timings should be avoided for especially females leads the reduction in homicidal graph according to the respective countries.

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Gousiya Rahamath Criminology Studies,

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