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Journal of Depression and Anxiety
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Editorial - (2021)Volume 10, Issue 3

Obsessives Compulsive Disorder: An Anxiety Disorder

Upayan Ghosh*
*Correspondence: Upayan Ghosh, Department of Biotechnology, KIIT School of Biotechnology (KIIT University), Odisha, India, Tel: +919348669829, Email:

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In the era where mental health is a serious issue, one of the most common mental diseases prevalent is obsessivecompulsive disorder. To understand the disease in detail we need to dig deeper into the terms of obsessives and compulsiveness. A man from their very existence on the lap of mother earth has shown a character of emotions who are obsessed with some or other things. Obsession also has two faces, one the good one those things we are passionate about and the other that brings in the feelings of jealousy and hatred among us. Patients suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are not only obsessed but they are compulsed that is they are forced to. If they disobey their thought of their obsession then they lose their inner peace, falls in anxiety and their mood is worsened. Such feelings force them to do the work again in the future as they remain trapped in their ocean of emotions. Patients suffering from this disease can be subdivided into categories of checking, ruminations, and intrusive thoughts, ordering and symmetry, and contamination. A patient of this disease spent a minimum of one hour a day behind such tasks he is obsessed with. These patients perform the tasks with utmost perfection and doe never give up until there is no scope of improvement. OCD can develop in those patients who have a parental history of OCD, have been through trauma, depression, tics or anxiety and different physical structure of certain part of the brain. Reports suggesting OCD after serious streptococcal infection in a child have also been reported. Complete cure for OCD is still a challenge in front of scientists and doctors but the disease can be treated by modes of therapy, medication, and in certain cases a combination of both. OCD is one such mental disease among many which are very common. The fact that certain people especially in developing counties are not even aware of the presence of such disorder within them cannot be denied. It is high time we boost up the pace for research regarding the management of OCD patients and find a complete cure for them. Awareness programs must be conducted in the less developed states to make people aware that they can lead a better life just through proper medication and therapy.

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Upayan Ghosh*
Department of Biotechnology, KIIT School of Biotechnology (KIIT University), Odisha, India

Citation: Upayan G (2021) Obsessives Compulsive Disorder: An Anxiety Disorder. J Dep Anxiety 10:398.

Received: 16-Mar-2021 Accepted: 19-Mar-2021 Published: 23-Mar-2021 , DOI: 10.35248/2167-1044.21.10.398

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