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Case Report - (2021)

Herpes Zoster Disease after a Straightforward Waterfall Medical Procedure: A Case Report

Farhang Alikhani*
*Correspondence: Farhang Alikhani, Department of Infectious Diseases, Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, Sari, Iran, Email:

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Herpes zoster is an intense viral disease portrayed by difficult dermatomal vesicular ejection on an erythematous base. It results from reactivation of inactive varicella zoster virus contamination that has persevered in dorsal root ganglia. The virus is generally experienced in older and immuno compromised patients. In the current report, we have introduced a 70 year elderly person who created herpes zoster disease to her left side sub pectoral dorsal site following straightforward waterfall medical procedure. The patient was talked with dermatology facility and treated effectively.


Herpes zoster; Cataract surgery; Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV); Zona


Herpes Zoster (HZ), otherwise called shingles, is the aftereffect of reactivation of endogenous inert Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV), which is in torpid stage inside tangible dorsal root, cranial nerve, and autonomic ganglia [1]. HZ can show any time after an essential contamination with VZV (i.e. varicella or chickenpox). The actuated virus goes down the relating cutaneous nerve to the nearby skin, causing ordinarily a difficult, one sided vesicular ejection in a limited dermatomal circulation [2]. The determination of HZ is essentially made clinically, in view of the particular clinical appearance and symptomatology. Research center tests are not typically essential except if the rash is atypical [1]. It is notable that the occurrence and seriousness of HZ disease increments with age and in individuals with discouraged resistance [2]. Also, some setting off variables like passionate pressure, harm, presence of persistent ailment, utilization of steroids and immunosuppressive specialists, radiation, cryotherapy, liver biopsy, axillar nerve block, spinal medical procedure, compound or actinic boosts, back rub and laser treatment were accounted for already [1,3]. The point of this examination is to introduce a patient who created intense HZ contamination following waterfall medical procedure. To the most amazing aspect our insight, this is the primary case report introduced foundational HZ disease indication following waterfall medical procedure.

Case Study

A 70 year elderly person admitted to the ophthalmology division with the objection of diminished visual sharpness to her left side eye for a very long time. She had controlled diabetes mellitus for a very long time in her clinical history. The ophthalmic assessment uncovered feeble atomic waterfall in her left eye and she was offered waterfall medical procedure. There were no pathologic changes in her lab discoveries preoperatively and she went through a straightforward waterfall medical procedure. She was recommended successive utilize effective steroid and antiinfection. On the third day of the postoperative period, she admitted to ophthalmology center for the main visit. She has no grumbling in her worked eye. In her ophthalmologic assessment there were no pathologic discoveries about medical procedure and all discoveries were reliable with ordinary postoperative cycle. In any case, the patient expressed that she felt wiped out and frail and had agony and red skin injuries to her left side trunk. Actual assessment uncovered erythematous skin, different herpetiform and hemorrhagic vesicles on left dorsal lumbar site (Figure 1). Because of the interview with dermatology division, she was analyzed as HZ disease. The patient treated with oral acyclovir and effective analgesics, the injuries practically mended and the torment settled inside one month. There was no eye contribution in this interaction.


Figure 1: The typical vesicular rash of herpes zoster can be seen at the left lumbosacral site of the patient.

Results and Discussion

We detailed an older diabetic patient who had HZ disease following waterfall medical procedure. The event of periocular HZ contamination in patients with diabetes mellitus following waterfall medical procedure has been accounted for in the writing [4,5]. While one report portrayed the event of contamination is at ipsilateral V2 dermatome, another characterized it at contralateral dermatome. In the two reports, contamination site compares to periocular district. Along these lines, correspondents recommended that mix of phacoemulsification medical procedure and presence of diabetes mellitus created a privately debilitated immunological circumstance. Be that as it may, in the current report, the contamination site of our patient isn't periocular area, it is at lumbosacral district. Yet, our patient had no any immunodeficient condition aside from diabetes mellitus, comparable with those reports. In an investigation, it has been portrayed that the frequency of HZ among people with diabetes was higher than among those without [6]. Thus, the presence of the diabetes in our patient might be considered as a danger factor for event of the HZ disease. Also, openness to genuinely distressing circumstances inclines to HZ disease [1] and it's notable that going through a medical procedure is a genuine pressure factor despite the fact that it was performed securely with most extreme consideration. Thus, we accept that, the moderately undeniable degree of uneasiness of our patient preoperatively may contribute the event of HZ contamination following the medical procedure. Another conceivable explanation might be the successive utilization of effective steroid drops in the postoperative period. Visual steroids can be accessible in the fundamental flow and can cause foundational antagonistic impacts. In an examination, when the indistinguishable dosages of steroid were administrated intravenously, intranasally and topically in the conjunctiva, the paces of fundamental retention have been discovered comparable [7]. Additionally, it has been recently detailed that effective steroid eye drops may trigger the appearance of HZ disease [8]. In this way, we may theorize that, utilizing effective steroid drops may perhaps add to the advancement of HZ contamination in our patient.


To summarize, for the patient introduced in our report, it could be presumed that the presence of diabetes, careful pressure, and utilizing effective steroid drops brought about the advancement of HZ disease. Hence, when old as well as diabetic patients with waterfall are worked, specialists ought to know about the surprising foundational side effects and ought to notice the patients cautiously in postoperative period.


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Author Info

Farhang Alikhani*
Department of Infectious Diseases, Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, Sari, Iran

Citation: Alikhani F (2021) Herpes Zoster Disease after a Straightforward Waterfall Medical Procedure: A Case Report. Intern Med. S4:004.

Received: 05-Feb-2021 Accepted: 19-Feb-2021 Published: 26-Feb-2021 , DOI: 10.35248/2165-8048.21.s4.004

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