Constitucional Archetypal Repression
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Image - (2017) Volume 7, Issue 3

Constitucional Archetypal Repression

Wilson Floriano Da Silva Neto*
Mario Schenberg College (CEATA), Estr. Mun. Walter Steurer, 1413 - Granja Viana, USA
*Corresponding Author: Wilson Floriano Da Silva Neto, Mario Schenberg College (CEATA), Estr. Mun. Walter Steurer, 1413 - Granja Viana, Cotia - SP, 06710-500, USA, Tel: +86 13306352913 Email:


The personality and characteristic based on the archetypes, studied by Carl Jung, has direct relation to health as a whole. The nuances of the behavioural state of imbalance are demonstrated according to the characteristic archetypal of each individual, unleashing incessant internal conflicts starring between reason and emotion [1,2].

The hypothalamus, also known by quantum physics as "Brain pharmacy", passes to liberate toxic neuropeptides in the bloodstream result of twisted thoughts and feelings, which culminate in the manifestation of the genomes of the disease, until the moment asleep. Therefore, the organism loses its natural condition to block archetypal information, sign of the loss of tuning of one or more minerals from the intermindal barrier, resulting in energy syndromes (Figures 1 and 2).


Figure 1: C.G. Jung’s typology.


Figure 2: Functions of hypothalamus.


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Citation: Neto WFS (2017) Constitucional Archetypal Repression. Emerg Med (Los Angel) 7: i112.

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