Connection between Human and Animal Health
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Editorial - (2014) Volume 5, Issue 5

Connection between Human and Animal Health

Catarina Lavrador*
Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Évora, Portugal
*Corresponding Author: Catarina Lavrador, Department of Veterinary Medicine-University of Évora–Pólo Mitra 7000-093 Évora, University of Evora, Portugal, Tel: 351 266 740 800 Email:


Ever since I remember existing I wanted to be a veterinarian. My mother always tells me that my fondness toward animals was such that when I was a child I even wanted to pet cockroaches. I ended up fulfilling my childhood dream and eventually became a vet. Despite loving to be a vet, mainly due to the fact that for the last 15 years I have been strongly committed with teaching college students veterinary anesthesia and surgical techniques, my professional life always felt as being incomplete and somehow meaningless. It was like there was always a missing link to the big humane world.


Figure 1: Sheep osteon

Attracted by its title, I bought a book last year called “Zoobiquity: The Astonishing Connection between Human and Animal Health”. This book is not only about a vast world, most of it still to be explored, but also and even more fascinating of all, a whole new concept of life that connects animals and humans in a vital and symbiotic way. I would dare say this book truly changed my life forever. This book gave veterinary medicine a whole new meaning while connecting it on a permanent and continuous way to the human health world. Everything going from animal behaviour to indicators of cancer prognosis or cardiac conditions can be scientifically comparable. Ever since I got in contact with the book, this has been music to my ears and to my life. Nothing can be more rewarding that working and learning on a broader, ubiquitous level.

Being a college professor I am now putting strong effort on going deeper into this field of knowledge and hopefully later sharing it with my students, disclosing this hidden treasure. My goal will then be designing and implementing an academic subject concerning this matter.

I deeply recommend this book, since it opens a new fascinating, magic, real and especially meaningful world. Thank you Barbara Naterson-Horowitz and Kathryn Bowers, the authors. I am sure they will help us move toward a better and safer world [1].


Citation: Lavrador C (2014) Connection between Human and Animal Health. J Cell Sci Ther 5:e118.

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