Capitalism and Capitalist State
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Analysis - (2016) Volume 4, Issue 3

Capitalism and Capitalist State

Alexander G*
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Capitalism and Capitalist State

Capitalism, also called free market economy, or free enterprise economy, economic system, dominant in the Western world since the breakup of feudalism, in which most of the means of production are privately owned and production is guided and income distributed largely through the operation of markets.

Capitalism, as a mode of production, is an economic system of manufacture and exchange which is geared toward the production and sale of commodities within a market for profit, where the manufacture of commodities consists of the use of the formally free labor of workers in exchange for a wage to create commodities in which the manufacturer extracts surplus value from the labor of the workers in terms of the difference between the wages paid to the worker and the value of the commodity produced by him/her to generate that profit [1].

Capitalism is a unique historical formation with core institutions and distinct movements. It involves the rise of a mercantile class, the separation of production from the state, and a mentality of rational calculation. Its characteristic logic revolving around the accumulation of capital reflects the omnipresence of competition. It displays broad tendencies to unprecedented wealth creation, skewed size distributions of enterprise, large public sectors, and cycles of activity. (Whereas students of capitalism traditionally envisaged an end to the capitalist period of history, modern economists show little interest in historical projection.) [2].

I specially took three definitions of capitalism from various sources. Capitalism came to replacement of the feudalism approximately in the fifteenth century of our era. Capitalism is about six hundred years old, it is old political system. Let's us know how capitalism changed for these six hundred years, and what became with good old capitalism. Capitalism at the beginning of the way, was smart, mobile, very aggressive and excessively curious young man, which wanted to change the whole world.

It is necessary gave credit to him, he changed whole world suddenly and very strongly. The world changed and continues to change. Now capitalism reached old age, he became stupid, sluggish, inactive, and don't wants any changes. Capitalism forgot as it fought against feudalism, now he is the big boss and feudalism the very old helpless ill man, to whom occasionally it throws something, with whom to fight, around only lickspittle and bootlickers, yes he has reached everything what he had wanted. There's nothing to be done, eras as people only become more senior. He did not want to change, nobody wants, but he changed and strongly changed, a little that there was from that mobile young man, probably only a name. Feudalism was destroyed not to end; the part was reformed and restored. Naturally feudal remains changed our hero not to the best. Feudalism did not add the courtliness to the capitalism, but over time arrogance and laziness became though take away. Through some period the desire to change something comes to an end, but the desire to live in feudal luxury became more and more strong, nothing to be done all of us are people and the historical formation does not change us. Over time the fashion of modest business offices comes to an end, she is replaced by fashion of magnificent offices with magnificent waiting rooms, but it after all not the most terrible. But what is the most terrible, that the relations between the feudal lord and the servant remained the previous, only names were changed, there were relations between feudal lord and the servant now relations between the owner and the worker and fear both was and remained, only one thing was changed, lash to dismissal. The reader will tell, but that is big progress and will be for hundred percent rights, with lash it is possible to kill quickly, hunger will kill long. Time, successful, mobile, talented professional owners, was replaced on the time of lazy dull heirs. Nothing to be done, apple falls far from an apple-tree, but money remained. At the time of origin of capitalism, when to beginning capitalists was quite hardly, struggle hammered out the leaders, they was charismatic persons, so-called an alpha of the personality, they left behind a deep sign in the history, now such charismatic people among capitalists are practically not. Someone will tell, not that time and our time isn't need for such persons and will not be right at all, the history always needs such persons, they are necessary at all times, and not just at the time of crises and revolutions, industry and business world needs for such persons, but for the present capitalism just does not need they. The percent of new businessmen talented, clever becomes less and less, but inversely people absolutely dull become more and more, which made his way in the business only thanks to acquaintance and communications. Now we can see, how one of fundamental laws of capitalism, ceases to exist, the law “survives cleverest ". Well and that, you will tell, but they have capable substitutes, and again missed the mark, there is such Russian expression “which priest, such parish" that means, that any chief will not suffer that his subordinate would be cleverer than it. Nothing to be done the psychology is stronger than money. The chief drags for himself, same as he, and everything lower and below on an office ladder prospers only ignorance and stupidity. You overdo, someone will tell, you think so, not at all, and what about the competition, about what you, about which competition, you tell, about that which in the past managed the free market, yes about it, you strongly made laugh me. Not any competition not new nor old not exists, and free market not exists same as competition. Very long time ago, wars for spheres of influence, for sales markets, for sources of raw materials ended, now, today phone and a meeting room triumphed. Now can agree about everything, about the prices, about sales markets, about influence, in other words parts can agree about what is possible and even about, what is impossible. Now all globe is divided into spheres of influence, still quite approximately pair three hundred years ago, at the beginning of the capitalist future, quickly developing capitalist countries won sales markets, spheres of influence, sources of raw materials, struggled with competitors, in other words, fought for prosperity and development. Struggle was not absolutely honest, and if to be absolutely honest, struggle was absolutely not honest, but there were struggle and movement, and the movement it is life. Nothing to be done, all it was, from history, as from a song of words will not throw out. Now, why to fight, why to move, why to make an efforts, why to try gain something, without rising from the bed or without leaving the pool, simply somebody lifting a tube or with the finger concerns the screen of the smartphone and in a few minutes one secretary do contact with another and so on on, and meeting is ready, in which firms agree about spheres of influence and the prices, here to you both all competition and the free market. How you think, who made all this actions, you right, not owners of course not, this man was CEO and their deputies, he made a call from the pool, and you will ask where owner is, owner is in Monaco on a beach.

Two more laws of capitalism lost meaning. What occurs, what special can occur, anything special does not occur, only the base of a capitalist system the bourgeois(capitalist) simply degrades, and behind him his assistants, managing directors, assistants, deputies, etc. Here nothing to be done, time has taken its toll. What happens to the hired worker, and how changes, which happening to capitalism concerned him.

At the beginning of capitalism, the relation between capitalist and worker a little than differed from the relation between slaveholder and the slave. I buy you, that mean, you are mine, and I can do with you all, what I will want. The attitude towards the hired worker a little than differed from the relation to the machine, to the tool, to the working cattle, the hired worker was most disenfranchised creature in capitalist world. Lack of any rights by the hired worker, was aggravated a labor surplus. Fear of the hired worker to lose a workplace and together with it and livelihood has created surplus of labor force. The fear was and remains the main motivator of wage labor. Surplus of labor force has created fear to lose a workplace and together with it and livelihood. Revolts of workers, became an answer to the inhuman relation of owners. The working class started to unite, had organized the strikes, labor unions and at last emergence of the state "workers and peasants" all this forced owners of the enterprises change the attitude towards the hired worker. Fear to lose everything, forced the bourgeoisie, not only to change the attitude towards the hired worker, but also to start flirting to it. These footsie to anything good didn't lead. Because of continuous blackmail and growth of requirements, the bourgeoisie began to transfer production to the third countries, where capitalism only began to gain strength and the hired worker is not so spoiled, as in the developed countries. And at once fell into a trap. The countries, in which production was transferred, are those countries, in which capitalism only starts gaining strength, where he is mobile and fast. That it is the countries with high percent of economic growth, but with the low level of industrial development. What turned out as a result, desire to gain big income without doing and changing nothing, has brought to four unpredicted results: growth of discontent of own population because of reduction of workplaces this is the first result, deterioration of production this is the second result, the capitalist himself created the own competitor this is the third result and at last, capitalist began to develop the capitalist countries, speed of evolution is more than in his country, as a result, they will eat him with apparel and boots. If to give to all event suitable names, all this is called catastrophic stupidity and absolute non-professionalism. It is clear that these people counted that they will cannot control those countries in which they transferred own manufacturing, it was their first mistake, and the second, they did not take into consideration an inequality of technical development and also own technical revolution, all this miscalculations is called as degradation of the capitalist and capitalism.

The capitalist can't physically move all production, what happens with the remained production. Hard ungrateful work, low salary, eternal fear, nonsense of heads, absence of motivation all this reduces inflow of capable young people to the industry and increases outflow of the qualified labor, nothing to be done, on the street is twenty first century, not eighteenth. Outflow and reduction of inflow of labor, lack of workplaces became reduced, just as reduction of inflow of capable young people even created a shortcoming of qualified specialists, all this plus strengthening of social protection, also growth of consciousness of workers, strongly weakened fear loss of a workplace. The capitalism, which was actually constructed on the fear begin to slip. The fear as the main motivator of capitalist work, begin to lose his value. The capitalist, seeing his own low competitiveness, starts fighting against inflow of capable talented people in the bourgeoisie and thereby worsens a picture. For own protection and protection of a bourgeois system (capitalism), the bourgeoisie built the capitalist state. The main slogan at the beginning of construction of the capitalist state was "Freedom, equality, a brotherhood". Over time this slogan was transformed and there was "Freedom (looking for whom), equality (not for all), a brotherhood (in the class)". Citizens suddenly began to notice, that the state institutes began more and more stand apart, and in the end become the closed new growths, and the main mission of the state, protection of own citizens, from paramount became secondary and more later became insignificant at all. Now main mission of the state is, protection of own interests, that is protection of own places, benefits, the income and legal inviolability this mission became paramount. On the second place, became an international mission, that is protection of own interests abroad, the government densely grew together with the bourgeoisie and interests of the trance - monopolies became priority interests of the state. And here protection of own citizens, became protection of the state from own citizens. The state became completely closed and uncontrolled formation on the territory of the country. The government creates laws which protect their own privileges and uniqueness, and carries through democratic institutes which stopped being the democratic. The officials protect the ranks from hit of strangers. I will describe an approximate portrait of the modern official: professionally illiterate thievish person, which care only about own pocket and in same time constantly groaning about shortage of money. The state became similar on the fat bug, which sitting on the peoples nape, showing care of the people, only during the pre-election company and elections. And now, what the most interesting, that the state became above law formation, that what is forbidden by the law for legal entities, it is authorized for the state. Government officials, a high rank, became god's deputies on the earth, they have all special: special privileges, special housing, the special car, special servants, special protection, special rights, but if consider only for a one minute, they only servants of the people(after all so they call themselves), then will arise a simple question, who at whom servant. We drove, drove, drove and at last arrived. Time came to sum up the results, it is possible to continue to write and write, a subject is very and very voluminous, but I apologize, the time came summarize and pass to conclusions. The capitalism and the capitalist state, which once were progressive now actually degraded and degenerated. All capitalism positive qualities have gradually degenerated and completely disappeared. The capitalist state has been degraded and degenerated. Respectively the capitalist and the functionary degrade and degenerate too. Enormous efforts are spent for protection and the proof of so-called capitalist values, I was not described not democratic and capitalist. The capitalist economy, as it is now, becomes more and more unstable, it recent crisis, it is only florets but what will be tomorrow. The government, because of incompetence and a low professionalism, makes more and more mistakes, and these mistakes are, one more worse than another.

Our lovely communists and socialists, having read these lines will exclaim, we told constantly many time, that it is necessary to change a system. Very, very big thanks for council, the world gorged with yours socialism till nausea, and till now he continue vomiting, after yours meal. For all history of capitalism, we heard many times, the prediction for its fast end, but is the absolute nonsense, and I will not apologize. What in this world it is better, than slogan "Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood", the empty communist tall stories (completely impregnated with blood) or socialist populist nonsense, what? Any social formation, same as the person, is born, matures reaches, active age, grows old, grows decrepit and, in a case with feudalism dies, but capitalism, in difference of feudalism, can go up on higher level of social development, the human society is partially ripe for such a step. But if don't undertake anything, do cosmetic operations, try to look younger, try to deceive the whole world, finally will can jerk so hard, that will not seem a little. Messrs suffering from unconsciousness, I will dare to remind that quite recently, that is hundred years ago, there was such explosion, the whole world still feels an echo of this explosion. I was not going to write it but I write. I consider that it is necessary to find new incentive of work, the fear stopped being incentive.


Citation: Alexander G (2016) Capitalism and Capitalist State. J Pol Sci Pub Aff 4: 218.

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