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Awards 2021 - (2019)Volume 4, Issue 3

Awards 2020 at Future Trends on Material Science and Nanotechnology

Dr. Amin Firouzi

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We are pleased to welcome you to the " Future Trends on Material Science and Nanotechnology " after the successful completion of the series of Material Science and Nanotechnology Congress. The congress is scheduled to take place in the beautiful city of Kyoto, Japan on July 23-24, 2020. This Nanomaterilas 2020 conference will provide you with an exemplary research experience and huge ideas.

The special moment additional within the conference is award distribution. The award is to encourage the speakers, participants, Keynote speaker, Young person folks etc., There square measure many classes square measure introducing to produce the awards. The awards are going to be delivered by the presiding officer at the top of the conference.

The most necessary class awards are:

1. Best Keynote Speaker.

2. Best Speaker

3. Poster presentation Award

4. Young person Award

5. Best Question Award

Best Keynote Speaker: the most effective keynote speaker award are going to be given to the those that square measure presenting their presentation at the wireless conference 2020 during a keynote speaker class. This award are going to be determined by the presiding officer within the conference. This award is that the most distinguished and prestigious award given within the conference.

Best Speaker: the most effective speaker award are going to be given supported the analysis plan and the way the person presenting their plan within the forum. The analysis plan ought to enhance, and it ought to be enforced within the real time treatment technique within the communication technologies. the most effective speaker are going to be determined by the keynote speaker WHO is collaborating within the conference. The folks may participate below the classes that they need been registered.

Poster Presentation Award: The folks below poster presentation class are going to be awarded with the most effective poster presenter. this may be designated supported the fascinating plan and it ought to produce awareness among the folks concerning the wireless. This award are going to be determined by the organizing committee within the conference. the foremost fabulous moments square measure waiting within the conference to be happening.

Young person Award: The conference of wireless conference 2020 will recognise and supply honour to the young analysis those that square measure fascinated to bring the changes within the treatment techniques. This award are going to be provided to the scholars. This award are going to be offer supported the construct of analysis and the way it'll be helpful for the patients in organ transplantation.

Best enquirer award: this may be the various and most interested award given to the delegates WHO square measure asking queries to the speakers, analysis folks presenting the analysis work. From delegates WHO is asking the foremost valuable and knowledgeable question to the presenter they're going to be given the most effective enquirer award.

The conference are going to be having the workshop, scientific session, poster presentation, video presentation, etc., The those that square measure attending the conference square measure trade folks, analysis folks, professors, head of the departments, wireless Professionals, etc., kindly spent every day at the helpful place to realize a a lot of data.

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Program Director
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Dr. Amin Firouzi
Process Engineering Department Head at International Maritime College Oman, Oman

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